Tier 2

Personhood Whenever

Tier 2 leaders advocate, incompatibly, for both personhood and for regulating child killing. Also, Tier 2 pro-life advocates, such as Priests for Life's Rev. Frank Pavone, do not oppose all anti-abortion violence.

Incompatibility: Why are personhood and child-killing regulations incompatible? Knowing, for example, that Blacks and Jews are persons with a God-given right to life makes it clear that it would have been immoral to advocate a 24-hour waiting period before lynching a black man, and it would be unthinkable to advocate for informed consent before gassing Jewish children. Tier 2 activists recognize the immorality of regulating murder for ethnic groups and this should help them realize the same for unborn children.

Unintended Consequences: The second tier includes leaders listed below such as Randall Terry, Janet Folger and the Father Frank Pavone who promote both personhood and child-killing regulations. These defenders of life do not yet realize that their advocacy of personhood is contradicted and undermined when they defend leaders with "exceptions" and when they ask judges to uphold laws that say: if you have parental involvement, then you can kill the baby. This double-minded strategy resulted in an overwhelmingly pro-choice federal judiciary even though pro-life Republican presidents nominated 60% of our federal judges. This Republican judicial crisis is of our own making. After 30 years of asking originally family-friendly, pro-life judges to uphold laws that regulate the killing of a fetus, our legislation and their rulings have compelled these judges to reject the personhood and the God-given right to life of the unborn, because unless they were monsters, they would never have been able to uphold a law that proscribes when it is permissible to dismember what they previously and rightly had believed to be an innocent child. Our own moral relativism, legal positivism, lack of clarity, and corrupted pro-life strategy has turned our own judicial nominees into effectively pro-choice judges.

Non-Regulatory Anti-abortion Violence: All second-tier leaders researched by Pro-life Profiles oppose some anti-abortion violence. They rightly argue against non-regulatory abortion violence in that they oppose the vigilante killing of abortionists. However, each person on Tier 2 supports regulatory abortion violence. That is, they support those who commit some anti-abortion violence (theoretically in order to save others), by their advocacy of exceptions and regulations. In the name of eventually ending the abortion holocaust, all second tier leaders defend politicians who intentionally kill some innocent people. Those who murder abortionists, and those who defend "pro-life" politicians who authorize the killing of some innocent children, both share a similar false justification: they claim that supporting those who commit some abortion violence, whether the killing of guilty abortionists or the killing of innocent "exceptions," will save some babies and lead to a sooner pro-life victory.