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Jill Stanek

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Tier 2 - Personhood Whenever

Jill Stanek attempts to protect the innocent yet she undermines and therefore delays the country's acknowledgement of the God-given right to life of unborn children by supporting laws which, like Roe v. Wade itself, regulate how and when an abortionist can "legally" kill a child.

  • Stanek supports personhood for the unborn. 1  2  3
  • Most recently Stanek voiced her support for the Calfornia Human Rights Amendment, acknowledged the beginning of personhood movement in Colorado and stated:

"... because it's never wrong to do the right thing, and because a passed personhood state amendment would

be a good problem to have, and because I think public education is critical, I support personhood initiatives." 4

  • Being pro-life with "exceptions" means to support the intentional killing of an innocent child. Stanek is personally pro-life, without exception. However, Stanek endorses politicians and legislation supporting a woman's right to choose to kill her child, if the child's father is a rapist or if the child is the result of an incestuous relationship. She admittedly is willing to sacrifice the lives of some children to save others. 5  6  7 God does not authorize pro-lifers to bargain with anyone's life.
  • Stanek supported the McCain-Palin ticket in the 2008 presidential election. 8  John McCain is a pro-abort. McCain would kill a baby because the baby's father is a criminal.  McCain is also in favor of his own daughter having the "choice" whether to abort his grandchild. 9 Sarah Palin is personally pro-life but is officially pro-choice. 10
  • Stanek endorses Mitt Romney for president. 11  Mitt Romney is an unrepentant pro-abort. 12
  • Stanek uses the term "purist" as a pejorative and attempts to mark as extremists those who promote personhood and expose the immorality of regulating the killing of innocent people. 13  14  15  16
  • Stanek favors parental notification laws. 17  By favoring laws that regulate abortion she unwittingly keeps abortion legal even after the overturning of Roe v Wade. When Roe is overturned there will be hundreds of state and federal statutes in place that require some action, such as notifying the parents, and end with "then you can kill the child." 18
  • Stanek applauds Gonzales v. Carhart, the 2007 US Supreme Court ruling, which upholds the so called Partial Birth Abortion (PBA) "Ban." 19 The ban did not ban PBA. It modified it by four inches. The Supreme Court opinion repeatedly states that the abortionist could pull the baby out to the navel and then kill her. The decision stated that the abortionist could even do a textbook PBA, by delivering the baby to the neck before killing her, if the mother was over dilated. 20
  • James Dobson admitted that the law banning PBA never had the potential to save even one child's life. 21
  • Stanek states that "studies" show that her methods of protecting the unborn are working. 22 Holding the opposite view, James Dobson states that our earthly pro-life battles have not succeeded, even though he has not ceded the war. 23


Stanek is pro-life, but she unwittingly cripples the pro-life cause by supporting abortion regulations that will keep abortion legal in the states long after Roe v Wade is overruled. She also supports pro-choice candidates.​​​​​​​