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In the years during which Fr. Pavone has fought to protect the unborn, virtually every "conservative" federal judge has come to reject the belief that the unborn child has a right to life. Fr. Frank has yet to acknowledge this tragedy, and that it has been a predicted result of the compromised tactics of supporting "conservative" politicians who kill the many unborn children whom they call "exceptions," and of pro-lifers regulating child-killing.

  • As a Spiritual Leader Fr. Frank Pavone Lets Down "Pro-life" Politicians Who Kill: Some "pro-life" politicians believe that not every child deserves to be protected by love and by law, and they support abortionists dismembering some pre-born boys and girls. But God didn't care about all the fruit Eve did not eat; nor did He mention all the women David did not violate; nor list the children whom Herod did not kill. God looks at the exceptions. Priests for Life does not warn the politicians they praise that one day they will stand before God to answer for their support for abortionists to tear the arms and legs off of the many unborn children whom they refer to as "exceptions." Fr. Pavone, who thankfully has brought attention to the plight of the unborn, has nonetheless promoted an immoral strategy both by consenting to the killing of some children (by way of abortion regulations) and by defending politicians (who demand exceptions) who thereby kill many others. As documented below:

    - When 3.3 million babies were aborted under George W. Bush's own policies (not by those rulings and laws the former president opposed, but by his own approval), Fr. Pavone's unquestioning support allows President Bush (and many other compromised pro-life politicians) to sleep well at night believing that they are only doing God's work.

    - Fr. Pavone does not rebuke but only defends John McCain whose own policies, supported the killing of 14.5 million children, not those aborted against the Senator's beliefs and judgment, but those killed by his own approval. Scripture teaches of the grave consequences before God of killing a single child, let alone for the torrent of blood that John McCain will answer for, without any warning for him from Priests for Life.

    - Along with other terrible help given to the abortion industry, in one of Sarah Palin's last acts as Governor, she appointed a former Planned Parenthood board member to the Alaska State Supreme Court, praising the "wisdom and character" of this radical pro-abortion judge. Sarah has been let down by Fr. Pavone who has not warned her that she will one day answer for this to God.

    - Regarding the PBA ban which was a 15-year fundraiser that brought in a quarter of a billion dollars to the pro-family industry, Dr. James Dobson finally admitted in writing that, "Ending partial-birth abortion... did not save a single human life." And even though the ban helped elect many "pro-choice" Democratic and Republican politicians who endorsed it, and even though the ban never had the authority to stop even a single abortion, Fr. Pavone has yet to apologize (as has Judge Roy Moore, and many other pro-life leaders) for having supported the tragic PBA fiasco and then "applauding" the brutally wicked ruling.

    - Fr. Pavone and Priests for Life persist in a failed and compromised strategy of exceptions and regulations. Trying to end child killing by defending those who advocate killing hundreds of thousands of children undermines the trust in God and the very moral foundation needed for pro-life victory. And today, apparently all federal judges nominated by pro-life presidents believe that the government has the right to permit and regulate the mass killing of unborn children. For many years now Father Frank has supported child-killing regulations that immorally and counterproductively end with, "and then you can kill the baby." 1  2  3 By advocating child-killing regulations, Fr. Pavone asks otherwise conservative judges to uphold rules on how an abortionist can "legally" kill an unborn child. Principled leaders, like Notre Dame's Dr. Charles Rice and National RTL founder John Archibold, 4  have predicted for decades what today has become widely acknowledged, that the the exceptions-and-regulations strategy would backfire. For initially, a part of the federal judiciary undoubtedly believed in the rights of the unborn. But today we have lost virtually all such judges. How did this happen? When Fr. Pavone asks otherwise conservative judges to uphold the exceptions and regulations strategy itself, those judges must convince themselves that the government has a right to decide which children may be killed. As a result, our strategy has predictably destroyed virtually the entire federal judiciary, leaving America now without a single justice on the U.S. Supreme Court who has ever held that an unborn child has a right to life.
  • Fr. Pavone Praises the "Bush Pro-Life Legacy" By Ignoring the Many Kids Bush Actually Supported Killing: Father Frank owes it to God, to the children murdered under policies approved of by George W. Bush, and to the former president himself, let alone to the pro-life community, to publicly rebuke and warn George Bush for his policies that approve of abortionists killing countless innocent children. Fr. Pavone can use his own estimate, or use the embedded Exceptions Calculator just below, to determine how many innocent lives George W. Bush has supported destroying. But by any count, George Bush has enough innocent blood on his hands to fill a school bus to overflowing. Not counting the children aborted under laws and court opinions that George W. Bush disagrees with, but counting only those whom he affirmatively fights for the "right" to kill, and those whom he refuses to make any effort to protect by law, the total number of actual young boys and girls in America whom President George W. Bush supported killing is more than 3.3 million. 5

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  • God: "I will hold the watchman responsible" for Bush's Soul: Fr. Frank acknowledges that he is to be a watchman 6 warning of the guilt before God of those who support the intentional killing of innocent children. But without ever warning George W. Bush, he only praises "Bush's pro-life legacy." 7 But God says in Ezekiel 33 8 that, "if the watchman... fails to blow the warning... I will hold the watchman responsible..." In addition to actually supporting the killing of millions:

    - while campaigning Bush repeatedly promised he would ignore abortion when nominating judges

    - he put on the Supreme Court the radically pro-abortion Samuel Alito

    - his judges voted to starve to death Terri Schiavo

    - he gave hundreds of millions of dollars more to Planned Parenthood than even Bill Clinton did

    - he and his pro-life predecessor presidents nominated a majority of the federal judiciary which is overwhelmingly pro-choice. The Pro-life Profile of George W. Bush reminds pro-lifers of these and many other ways that George W. Bush aided the abortion industry, while Priests for Life continues to give George W. Bush a false sense of confidence that he will stand well before God on his abortion record, even though he has supported the killing of not one innocent child, but of millions.
  • And So Goes the Soul of the Party: How do you destroy the pro-life vestiges within Republican leadership? You can unwittingly destroy the Republican Party as an effective pro-life force when standard bearers like Priests for Life praise politicians who give almost nothing but self-serving lip service to the unborn. You destroy any hope of effectiveness from elected "pro-lifers" by watching silently as "pro-family" politicians slide further into tolerance of killing more and more children. And abortion becomes nothing more than the ultimate sacred cash cow, the purest of the perennial political fundraisers. For as their leaders' souls go, so goes the soul of the Republican party.
  • Priests for Life Gave McCain a False Sense of Security: Even though John  McCain horrendously supported killing over 14 million children by his own policies and approval, Fr. Pavone did not publicly warn him of the blood on his hands. For as John McCain's upcoming Pro-life Profile documents, he:

    - promises to appoint pro-choice judges

    - rejects the right to life of the unborn

    - funds surgical abortion

    - rejected human life amendments throughout his career

    - funds research that results in killing the tiniest boys and girls

    - violates God's command against killing an innocent child for the crime of his father

    - has opposed repeal of Roe saying it would force women into "dangerous" abortions

    - would not advise his daughter against killing her baby and his own unborn grandchild

    - has a wife who insisted on air in 2010 that he doesn't want to overturn Roe v. Wade

    - immorally says the states should decide 9 whether to kill preborn children

    - votes to give hundreds of millions of tax dollars to Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers.

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    Half a loaf

    Uses Harmful Clichés to Sell Voters on lists and refutes the harmful pro-life clichés that were designed to get Christians to overlook the "pro-choice" policies, actions, statements, and funding by some favored politicians. Sadly, Priests for Life provide one of the examples exposed in that ARTL resource. Fr. Pavone uses the, "Don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good," argument, but in no way can a leader who supports the intentional killing of many children be described as "good," or even as doing "limited good," 10 as Fr. Frank puts it. He brags about being a "cheerleader" for a political party 11 but ignores that he is campaigning for candidates who reject the God-given right to life of the unborn child and advocate killing thousands and millions of kids. It would be vile to even speak a description of, "an otherwise good minister who only molests one boy a year." God looks at the exceptions, including the one, two, three... and millions of children dismembered by the leaders Fr. Frank celebrates.

  • Fr. Frank Fails Sarah Palin By Not Warning Her: As fully documented at, in one of her last significant acts as governor, Sarah Palin appointed pro-abortion former Planned Parenthood board member Morgan Christen to the Alaska Supreme Court. Palin was not "forced" to do so, or did not do so after losing a legal or political fight, but Sarah Palin gladly praised the "wisdom and character" of Judge Christen who will be "an outstanding Supreme Court justice." Priests for Life has not warned Sarah that she will one day stand before God to answer for that cruelty to the children of Alaska who will be brutally aborted with the official support of this aggressive child killer. And they have not warned her to apologize to God and to the pro-family community for the other substantive ways in which she aids the abortion industry. Her profile documents that Sarah Palin:

    - would keep legal the chemical abortifacients that kill the youngest children

    - distinguishes between her "personal" and public pro-life views (personally pro-life means officially pro-choice)

    - that she indicates support for public funding to kill some unborn children

    - that she misrepresents some "pro-choice" candidates gaining them support from pro-life voters

    - that she allows her name to be used in ads promoting government-funded embryonic stem cell research

    - that she harms personhood by holding that "equal protection" should not apply to unborn children

    - that she has never supported any personhood or Human Life Amendment

    - that she actually opposes personhood by suggesting that the majority should decide whether or not to permit the systematic killing of innocent children.

    When Priests for Life writes glowingly 12 of Sarah Palin, misrepresenting her to their supporters, Fr. Pavone is not meeting his obligation from God to be a watchman and to be truthful to the public and to the Christian community. Frank Pavone is also acting carelessly toward Sarah Palin as a human being, as though he does not care about Palin's integrity, her eternal soul, and her standing before God.
  • Almost No Evidence of Support for Personhood: Searching the entire Internet and the Priests for Life website results in virtually no evidence that Fr. Pavone supports personhood. In contrast, for example, when Ronald Reagan was elected president, he put the personhood of the unborn child front and center in his pro-life efforts.
  • Fr. Frank is Sadly Willing to Sacrifice One to Save the Rest: President Ronald Reagan offered to support a Human Life Amendment but the National RTL Committee turned him down in favor of a state-by-state strategy. Yet 30 years later, NRTL opposes 13 all state personhood (HLA) efforts. Why? They argued that they support exceptions so that NRTL could save 99 percent of the children, and then "come back later" to save the rest. However the Lord Jesus advocates leaving 99 behind to save one (Luke 15:4). It's not just one for all, it's also all for one, and as by Scripture, you don't by design leave one behind on the battlefield to be killed by the enemy, especially when that one is an innocent child.
  • Summary: Priests for Life supports effectively pro-choice politicians who give lip service to the unborn while they actually support the killing of millions of innocent children. Fr. Pavone has not warned the flock of the hijacking of the pro-life movement by fundraisers, lawyers, and lobbyists. Embracing a morally compromised political strategy of defending those with "exceptions," and supporting child-killing "regulations," Fr. Frank Pavone has lost his way. Only with deep humility in turning again to Christ for moral guidance will Fr. Pavone be able to rescue Priests for Life, let alone the unborn in America.