Personhood Now

Tier 1 leaders and groups advocate for personhood protection right now and refuse to defend "exceptions," that is, they oppose those who advocate for the right to kill some innocent children, and they oppose efforts to regulate the killing of unborn children.

The first tier consists of those who fight now for the personhood of unborn children and they do not undermine that effort by simultaneously advocating contradictory child-killing regulations. The first tier includes pro-life leaders listed below such as Judie Brown of American Life League, Ambassador Alan Keyes of America's Independent Party, Brian Rohrbough of our own American RTL, and Cal Zastrow of Personhood USA. The personhood movement spearheaded by these men and women has returned hope and the vision of victory to Christians fighting for the innocent!

Loyal To Liberty
Leslie Hanks
Life Commercials
Operation Rescue / OSA
American Life League
Cal Zastrow
Presidential Candidate