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Mitt Romney

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Mitt Romney gives pro-family speeches to conservatives but has an actual record of being aggressively pro-abortion both before and especially after his claimed "pro-life" conversion.

  • Election Analysis:

    2012: Republican 'moderates' like Bob Dole, John McCain, and Mitt Romney lose elections, while candidates that have at least appealed to the party's pro-life core, like Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush, win by energizing the base. So, disdaining their pro-family base, the Republican Party has bragged that it is moving away from what they call the 'social' issues, the sanctity of life and of marriage. Of course however, the very foundation of human civilization is the non-negotiable God-given right to life and the sanctity of marriage. more...

    2014: The statewide Personhood vote in Colorado grew from 27% in 2008, to 29% in 2010, to an encouraging 35% in 2014!

    2015: Regarding Mitt Romney, Hugh Hewitt cannot be trusted. Here's why...

  • As a "Pro-family" Republican Candidate: by his undeniable record fully documented below, Mitt Romney:

    - has been openly funding abortion from the very first day of his RomneyCare which pays for abortion on demand, even late term

    - has attacked religious liberties (and kids) by ordering pro-life hospitals to dispense the abortion pill

    - as the father of homosexual marriage Mitt Romney single-handedly ordered county clerks to issue homosexual marriage licenses 

    - Romney later lied claiming that a court ordered him to institute gay marriage; we've offered $10,000 for someone to produce that court order

    - Romney horrifically ordered adoption agencies to place children with homosexuals, literally chasing charities out of his state

    - Romney attacked religious liberties far more aggressively than anything that Obama has done

    RomneyCare has the dreaded "individual mandate" which is what conservatives rightly most hated about ObamaCare

    put Planned Parenthood permanently on the "independent" state health board which maintains "free" and/or $50 co-pay abortions

    - Romney's own so-called "exceptions" amount to the killing of tens of thousands of kids violating God's command to not kill the innocent

    supports destructive embryonic research even after his bogus 2004 pro-life conversion

    - invested significant portion of $75M into Stericycle which services the Planned Parenthood abortion chain

    supports the Mormon church's four official "exceptions" that identify which babies that they claim that you should be able to kill  

    bragged that he would continue to defend abortion "rights" after he claimed a pro-life conversion
    picked as his running mate Paul Ryan, who became the high-profile Republican ally of ObamaDemocratsand Planned Parenthood   

    - Romney was pro-choice in '94; pro-life in '01; choice '02; pro-life '04; choice '05; life in '06; then funded abortion in '06; and in 2012 he added a "health exception" which is the same loophole opened by the Supreme Court's Doe v. Bolton opinion that allows all abortions as in Colorado for example, throughout all nine months. (Where do you get your news from? If you didn't learn about all this overwhelmingly blatant truth about Mitt Romney's wickedness from the "conservative" and "pro-life" sources that you gather information from, then stop trusting them.)   

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to support that evil.

  • Change of Heart? Preparing to begin his bid for the Republican presidential nomination in 2005, Mitt Romney orchestrated a demonstrably false 2004 pro-life conversion. 1  2 Romney must have expected that leading conservative media outlets, groups, authors, and talk show hosts (like Sean Hannity and Hugh Hewitt) would ignore, deny, or even defend his subsequent pro-abortion efforts. Romney's support for dismembering unborn children proves that his "conversion" was a political deception devised to steal pro-life votes. So putting Planned Parenthood on the state board that he created which authorized even late-term tax-funded abortion on demand, a crime against humanity far beyond anything the Clintons or Barack Obama have been able to accomplish, is brushed aside by untrustworthy "pro-life" conservative leaders.
  • Authorizing Tax-Funded Abortion: On April 12, 2006 Romney signed 3  Massachusetts' government health care plan 4  that from the start has provided taxpayer funds even for what are called "elective" abortions, killing unborn children without even the facade of the typical though invalid medical excuses common in tax-funded abortion laws. Romney's government-run health care plan 5  predated Barack Obama's health care reform and according to the government of Massachusetts, "All Commonwealth Care health plans include… abortion." 6

If you fear Obama, you'll vote for Romney. If you fear God, you won't.

  • Tax-Payers Forced to Fund Abortion: Unlike the countless "liberals" and moderates who are "pro-choice" but oppose tax-funded abortion, "RomneyCare" goes beyond being merely "pro-choice" and is radically pro-abortion by overtly paying abortionists to perform any and all types of abortions with tax dollars. 7  8


Romney co-pay
  • Co-pays of $0 to $100: Under Romney's Commonwealth Care, a mother insured by Plan Type 2 renders a $50 co-payment to kill her child. Plan types 3 and 4 require co-pays of up to $100. 9  Currently, the total financial cost to kill a child whose mother is covered by Plan Type 1 10  is paid by Romney's government-regulated health care plan.
  • Mitt's 2011 Defense of RomneyCare: "For 92% or our people, nothing changed." Using a Barack Obama lie, Romney's blatantly false claim ignores: that now Massachusetts health care premiums are the highest in the nation, that when other states stop underwriting the temporary Medicaid grants which Romney procured those premiums will further skyrocket, that the law forces thousands of businesses to underwrite premiums, that this government program has cost an estimated 18,000 jobs in 2010 alone, that household budgets tightened by $2.5 billion, and that this government health care reform forces 100% of the taxpayers in the state to pay to kill unborn children. 11  12  13  14  15
  • That's My Story and I'm Stickin' To It: In his campaign's Mitt Had No Choice press release, Romney called it a "myth" that the Commonwealth Care program even includes abortion as a benefit. (Just look at the torn stub above, or even click on it.) On the highest profile issue that killed his 2008 presidential bid, he claimed this: "MYTH: Under Governor Romney's Massachusetts Health Insurance Reform Plan, abortion services are offered as part of the Commonwealth Care benefit services package." 16  17  Just as the Democrats expect the New York Times to never fact check their claims, so too, Romney's campaign wrote this release for the conservative talk show hosts and others whom they know are gullible, poor researchers, and who have a soft-spot for pro-abortion Republicans (e.g. "Romney governed as a pro-lifer." –Ann Coulter 18  19 ). Even though Mitt calls it a myth that his plan pays for abortion, his press release goes on to explain why it is definitely not his fault that it does. "I didn't do it, and if I did it wasn't my fault."

Obama is the lesser of two evils.

  • If I Did It, Here's How It Happened: Can Mitt Romney be connected to the authority that offers tax-funded abortion? Other than, that is, that he created it, determined its composition, and staffed it? Romney and his executive branch had staffing control over seven of the ten members of the board he created. But here's Romney's lie to pass the blame for tax-funded abortion onto his friends. If I Did It: Romney claims, "The Commonwealth Care benefit services package was developed by the Connector Authority – an independent authority separate from the Governor's Office. … Their decisions were made separate of the Romney administration." 16  The truth is that the "Connector" was created by Romney's authority with the Act of 2006 that he signed, 20  it was placed under Romney's executive branch administration, 21  22  and was run by a ten-member board with four members directly seated by Romney's authority: the Planned Parenthood seat which he created, 23  and three others appointed by Romney himself, and three appointed by Romney's attorney general who was also part of the executive branch and Romney administration." 24

  • Image

    Wolf in sheep's clothing

    It's Not My Fault: The health care plan Romney signed into law states, "Any action of the connector may take effect immediately and need not be published or posted." 24  Romney's denial of responsibility for tax-funded abortion is like a governor appointing a known racist, giving him great authority, and then denying any responsibility for the harm done. Ask yourself: What is more dangerous than a wolf?

  • Romney Expands "Medically Necessary" to ALL Abortions: Romney today falsely claims that 1981 and 1997 Massachusetts supreme court rulings 25  referencing so-called "medically necessary" 8  abortions forced him to provide tax-funded "elective" abortions. In the 1981 case the court opinion stated that if abortion for the life of the mother was funded, then the government must also pay for "medically necessary" abortions. 26  The 1997 opinion stated that if the government paid for childbirth, it must also pay for "medically necessary" abortions, 27 evidently reasoning that if the government is going to pay to help kids, it must be fair and pay to kill them also. Romney's commitment to government intervention in health care prevails even when that "health care" pays to kill them. Not only is Romney's claim false that he had no choice, but adults, let alone leaders, are never "forced" in such ways. Romney should have vetoed, rather than praise and sign, any legislation that would pay abortionists to kill children. As he did also by implementing homosexual marriage, Romney created activist judges on steroids by taking anti-family court opinions and maximizing them, in this case, by interpreting "medically necessary" to mean all abortions. [For more information, see Mitt Funds Abortion below.]

In-san-i-ty: When you support a Republican who has done what you fear Obama might do.

  • Romney's "Pro-Life" Pledge Lists the Children He Supports Killing: Because he was being criticized for refusing to sign the Susan B. Anthony pro-life pledge, in National Review on June 18, 2011 Mitt Romney published "My Pro-Life Pledge." He begins in his first sentence by listing the children that he supports killing. 28  The word "exceptions" is a euphemism for children intentionally killed. Those who defend a politician with "exceptions" are breaking God's enduring command, Do not murder, and they are hateful especially to that politician. See American Right To Life's Life of the Mother "Exception" article to learn that even in saving the mother's life, the goal when necessary is to "terminate" the pregnancy, not the baby. That distinction exposes the loophole that our nation exploited to kill 60 million children, and presents the life-affirming difference that Mitt Romney, along with his church, rejects. And that rejection will lead to 60 million more kids dismembered unless pro-lifers stop supporting child killers (like John McCainBob Dole, etc.) in the name of partisan politics and out of fear of the boogeyman (who in this cycle, just happens to be Barack Obama).
  • Promotes Chemical Abortifacients: Romney signed a 2005 bill, the year following his alleged pro-life conversion, that promotes chemical abortions with Plan B. 29  30  31
  • John Roberts is Mitt Romney's Model Judge: After Chief Justice John Roberts, predictably, cast the deciding vote 32  to uphold Obamacare, Romney's words come off as eerily true: "As president, Mitt will nominate judges in the mold of Chief Justice Roberts..." 33
  • Romney's Demonstrably False Claim (Lie): Mitt Romney claims, "On every piece of legislation, I came down on the side of life." 34  35

Obama is Romney-lite.

  • Discrediting Pro-Family Movement: Romney's desire for power has further undermined the pro-life industry 36  as many conservatives repeat his false claim, including Ann Coulter, that "Romney governed as a pro-lifer." 37  38  Still in 2010, Jordan Sekulow with his father's ACLJ wrote, "Gov Romney would and still could make a great candidate." 39  Tony Perkins at the Family Research Counsil says Romney is "solidly conservative across the board" 40  and a Focus Action Candidate Commentary video from Focus on the Family shockingly agrees with Romney that, "on the social issues we are so similar. [Romney and Focus on the Family]" 41  42  Focus and FRC say this of a candidate who recently: 43

    - funded abortion

    - opposed a Massachusetts Defense of Marriage constitutional amendment

    - said homosexuals should be allowed in the boy scouts

    - officially celebrated "Gay-Straight Youth Pride Day"

    - sat on the board of directors for a leading purveyor of pornography without opposing the corporation's exploitation of women

    - instituted homosexual marriage by ordering county clerks to issue "partner" licenses (see Coulter Hang-Ups video below),

    - lied claiming a court's Goodridge opinion 44  forced his hand when it never even mentioned the governor, and

    - was ahead of Barack Obama promoting government health care 45
  • Romney Instituted Homosexual Marriage: Using the Massachusetts' 2003 state supreme court Goodridge opinion as a pretext, Romney ordered county clerks to issue homosexual marriage licenses. However, the ruling never once mentions the governor. When Romney ordered homosexual licenses to be issued, he had not even been a party in the case and was thus obviously not ordered by the court to take this action. The court addressed it's own judicial branch, and made a request of the legislature. The court stayed its own ruling for six months to "permit the Legislature to take such action as it may deem appropriate," not because the court was humble or anti-activist, but because they did not think they could get away with a blatant violation of their constitution. The Mass. Constitution, Chapter III, Judiciary Power; Article V: "All causes of marriage, divorce, and alimony, and all appeals from the judges of probate shall be heard and determined by the governor and council, until the legislature shall, by law, make other provision." The legislature, likely out of political fear, never acted. Thus, the Mass. state constitution in the Judiciary Powers section no less, with great foresight, specifically prohibited the court from changing law on marriage. Romney, however, pretended that the court had illegally usurped authority over marriage, a power that was specifically prohibited the judiciary by their state constitution. Thus, as the very opposite of a "conservative", Mitt Romney turned this into an activist court on steroids. (He did this elsewhere too, when he used the excuse of court-ordered funding for "medically necessary" abortion to defend his Romneycare abortion funding for ALL abortion on demand. Romney should have quoted Article V of their state constitution, reminded the court that there are three separate branches of government, and that the court had no authority to reject the Constitution's restriction which specifically disenfranchised the judicial branch from any ability change the law regarding marriage, and stood up and defended marriage. Instead, he did what HE thought was right; he calculated based on his political ambition; and he fulfilled a promise he made to a homosexual activist group, that he could do more to achieve their agenda than could the democrats, and so Mitt Romney instituted homosexual marriage licenses himself, also violating God's law and terribly undermining the family. For just as Romney unleashed the first Obamacare government health care reform with the individual mandate on America, so too, he unleashed the scourge of homosexual marriage on the country, being the enemy of Christianity, of freedom, of the family, and of the innocent child that he is.

  • The Ann Coulter Hang Ups: What does CPAC stand for? What's Ann's mug shot number stand for? Who recanted? Whose team is the punter on? For answers and for more about Mitt watch this smash hit Ann Coulter YouTube video:

  • TV Ad that Ran in Early Primary States: In the weeks before Romney dropped out of the 2008 presidential primary race this pro-life ad, and others just like it but customized for the various early caucus and primary states, ran hundreds of times exposing Romney for repeatedly reversing himself on the killing of children, depending on whether he is seeking pro-life or pro-choice votes. 3  4  46  ABC News published our Romney Fairy Tale TV ad transcript: 47
  • Image

    Mitt Romney at a Planned Parenthood fundraiser in Cohasset, Mass
    Mitt Romney at a Planned Parenthood fundraiser in Cohasset, Mass

    1994 Pro-Choice Run: Romney ran for Senator in Massachusetts as pro-choice in 1994, 48  attended an abortion fundraiser on June 12th, 49  and his wife Ann gave $150 to Planned Parenthood. 49  50

  • 2001 Not Pro-Choice: In 2001, eyeing the Utah governor's mansion, Romney wrote to the Salt Lake Tribune, “I do not wish to be labeled pro-choice” 51  52  and on July 4 "one of his closest friends," Utah developer Kem Gardner, rationalized that Romney's previous, aggressive pro-choice stands were merely an example of "waffling." Romney had not ruled out a Massachusetts run and so kept open his options not denying that he was pro-choice, but just saying he did not want to be labeled so.
  • 2002 Pro-Choice Again: Romney was pro-choice again in 2002 when running for governor of Massachusetts. 53

Strategists say that independents decide elections, so the only way for pro-lifers to get candidates who won't kill kids is to become independent.

  • 2002 Promises to Support Tax-Funded Abortion: In 2002 on a Planned Parenthood questionnaire Romney indicated "Yes" he "support[s]… the substance of… Roe," "state funding of abortion," and "increase[d] access to emergency contraception [chemical abortifacients]." Two years after his "conversion," while giving lip-service to pro-lifers, he fulfilled his 2002 promise by giving tax dollars to Planned Parenthood abortionists, who endorsed RomneyCare along with Hillary Clinton 54  55  and Ted Kennedy. 56
  • 2002 Long-Term Plans for the Republican Party: In 2002 Romney wrote on a NARAL survey, "I respect and will protect a woman's right to choose," told their executives, "You need someone like me in Washington," personally courted the wrongly-named "Republican Majority for Choice," and issued a press release with their endorsement. 57

  • Image

    Fact checker

    2002 GOP (not Democratic) Convention Pledge: At the Massachusetts GOP convention in April 2002, Romney said, "...I respect and will fully protect a woman's right to choose. That right is a deeply personal one…" 58

  • Nov. 9, 2004 Microscopic Conversion: Romney says that a meeting with a Harvard embryonic stem-cell researcher changed his mind on abortion: "It hit me... that it was important to stand for the dignity of human life," Romney said. 59  This is exposed as nothing but a political ploy by the claim itself, Romney's subsequent actions, and by that Harvard researcher himself. Stem cell researcher Douglas Melton says that Romney "mischaracterized" their meeting. "We didn't discuss killing or anything related to it." Melton denies Romney's claim that they talked about researchers who "kill the embryos after 14 days." 60  51  This rebuttal of Romney's transformation experience is corroborated by Mitt's many subsequent aggressively pro-abortion actions and by the realization that if Romney was not persuaded by the mutilated bodies even of late-term aborted children, he is not likely to have an epiphany over microscopic embryos he could not even see. Of course, later, Romney even lobbied for tax-funded embryonic research. 61  If Ann Coulter would care to do research on Romney, she would see that he is just another pro-abortion, pro-same-sex marriage liberal politician.

Romney is so much like Obama that his Republican supporters are really just one-issue voters: party affiliation.

  • Personally Pro-Life Means Officially Pro-Choice: Hear Mitt Romney himself demonstrate the truth of this American Right To Life saying that, "To be personally pro-life means to be officially pro-choice."
  • Contradicts His Own 2005 "Testimony": Romney announced his "pro-life" conversion in his editorial in the Boston Globe explaining why he vetoed a bill requiring the Morning After Pill 62  to be made available to rape victims. He wanted to know whether Plan B "would simply prevent conception or whether it would also terminate a living embryo after conception. Once it became clear that the latter was the case, my decision was straightforward." 2  Contradicting his own conversion testimony, not only does Romney not advocate a ban on embryonic research, he actually supports government funding for the lethal use of the tiniest children for research, 1  63  demonstrating the falsity of both his conversion and his account of it. And yet many pro-family "leaders" have chosen to ignore the truth, and believe lies.
  • 2005 Nomination of Pro-Choicer: As governor, Romney nominated to the Massachusetts district court, for life, an openly pro-abortion Democrat Matt Nestor. 64
  • 2005 Rejection and Promotion of Plan B: Romney reversed his own July veto against abortifacients by signing an October bill seeking a federal waiver to expand distribution of Plan B abortifacients, and increased funding for "abortion counseling." 51
  • 2005 Veto and Mandate of Plan B: After having vetoed a requirement that hospitals offer Plan B to rape victims, Romney reverses himself and issued an executive order on December 8, 2005, against the legal opinion of his own State Department of Public Health, instructing all Catholic hospitals and others to provide chemical abortifacient Plan B to rape victims. 65  [Of course every hospital should refuse to comply with any order to kill children.] As a December 9th Boston editorial put it, "Flip, flop, flip… Romney has now executed an Olympic-caliber double flip-flop with a gold medal performance twist-and-a-half." 66  67

Romney has already implemented what Obama and Clinton only dreamed of: homosexual marriage, tax funded abortion by health care reform with the individual mandate, robbing religious freedom by forcing pro-life hospitals to administer abortion pills, etc.

  • 2006 Seats Planned Parenthood: Romney gave a permanent seat on the health payment policy advisory board to the nation's leading abortionist, Planned Parenthood. 68  69  70  While nothing could justify giving governmental authority to an anti-Semite or an abortionist, Romney did not even work for a pro-life seat on the same board. 71  72  73
  • 2006 Bribery - 30 Pieces of Silver: As reported by Harper's Magazine, "In Iowa… Romney’s triumph at the Ames Straw Poll [cost] $650 per vote" and "Romney has also used his personal PAC… to contribute lavishly to several national pro-life groups…" 74  So by October 2007, Romney's campaign announced National Right To Life's general counsel, "James Bopp is a key advisor to Mitt Romney." 75  76  And the New York Times reports, "…before announcing his bid for the Republican presidential nomination… Romney… contributed tens of thousands of dollars of his personal fortune to several conservative groups… contributions of $10,000 to $15,000 to… Massachusetts organizations associated with major national conservative groups: the anti-abortion Massachusetts Citizens for Life… to a nonprofit group affiliated with National Review… Romney gave $5,000 to… National Review… [as did] Evangelicals for Mitt… and to the Christian conservative Massachusetts Family Institute [which is] affiliated with the national Family Research Council and Focus on the Family… $35,000 to the Federalist Society… $25,000 to the Heritage Foundation… Citizens for Life and the Family Institute have turned supportive of Mr. Romney after criticizing him in the past… The Family Institute is part of a network for Christian conservative groups in Colorado Springs, etc.
  • 2007 A to Z: Abortion is like zoning. Many state candidates refuse to stand up and be counted by saying that abortion is a federal matter, and many federal candidates do the reverse. Romney punted by saying that the government should "allow states to make their own choice" whether to permit child killing. 77  51  Thus Romney not only funds abortion, he is also openly and admittedly pro-choice state by state. Romney thereby denies the God-given right to life of the unborn, and as president he would require the federal government to violate the U.S. Constitution and tolerate child killing, rejecting the 5th Amendment and the 14th which states in part: "...nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws." 78  Far more significantly, Romney tolerates violations of God's enduring command, Do not murder. States prosecute murder. They do not have the right to decriminalize murder. Finally, Romney and National RTL attorney James Bopp have redefined the very meaning of a "Human Life Amendment" to describe one that they might support as meaning, "leave the matter in state hands." 79  80
  • 2007 till Now – Some Kids Not Worth Loving or Protecting: Despite his alleged pro-life conversion, Romney still openly supports killing the child of a criminal. 81  Like Romney, many liberals argue that we should protect the rapist and kill the child. 82

    Romney is turning conservatives into Democrats because they would have seen him as far more liberal even than candidate Bill Clinton.

  • 2005 - Romney celebrated “Right to Privacy Day.” Every year Romney was governor he signed a “Right to Privacy Day” proclamation which, up until 2005, made reference to Roe vs. Wade. In 2005, he signed it again, but, apparently mindful of his impending presidential candidacy, removed the reference to Roe vs. Wade. While the day was originally conceived to celebrate the Supreme Court’s 1972 decision legalizing birth control for unmarried people, abortion advocates also celebrated this proclamation since they regard “privacy” as foundational to their worldview. Regardless of how Romney tweaked the fine print in the proclamation, the question is why would he issue such a proclamation after his conversion? 83
  • 2005 - 2007 - Romney belonged to a pro-stem cell research GOP group. Romney belonged to the Republican Main Street Partnership, a group supported by George Soros that made stem cell research its most important issue. Its web site listed Romney as a gubernatorial member during the 109th Congress which ended in 2007. Wikipedia describes the group as being allied “with other moderate Republican groups, including Christine Todd Whitman's It's My Party Too, Ann Stone's Republicans for Choice, the Log Cabin Republicans, the Republican Majority For Choice…”  In 2005, the group was instrumental in passing the Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act in the House of Representatives. 84
  • 2006 - Romney’s administration gave funds to Planned Parenthood. In November, 2006, Romney’s economic development agency approved a $5 billion tax-exempt bond to be used by Planned Parenthood to build an abortion clinic in Worchester. Romney claims he “was not aware” of what his own appointees were doing, but this begs the question: If Romney is unable or unwilling to control what his own appointees do when it comes to abortion related decisions, what makes anyone think things will be different when he’s president? 85
  • 2007 - Romney refuses to state his position on laws that require ultrasound screening before an abortion. While campaigning in South Carolina, a reporter asked Romney about his position on the pending ultrasound bill, but all he would say is that “I would like to see each state be able to make its own law with regards to abortion.” Does he really think such a bill is that controversial? Is he afraid to anger the Planned Parenthood crowd? 86

"A vote for Romney is a vote for Obama." -Selah

  • 2007 to present - Romney continues to support stem cell research. Romney says he opposes creating human embryos for research purposes (cloning), yet, he supports research on stem cells “obtained from surplus embryos from in vitro fertilizations,” even though there is no moral distinction. 87
  • August 11, 2007: In the Ames Straw Poll debate in Iowa, after spending tens of millions of dollars of his own money in his zeal for power and willing to say anything to trick the rank-and-file caucus voters, Romney, in contradiction to his recent claim to support a state's "right" to promote abortion, 88 claimed that he supported a human life amendment to the U.S. Constitution (in today's terms, a federal personhood amendment), 89  
  • Ten Days Later: In an August 21, 2007 interview to a different audience, Romney reversed himself explaining that he thinks if a state wants to kill unborn children, that's fine with him. Like Ron Paul, 90  Mitt Romney is pro-choice state by state.
  • September 5, 2011 - Romney rejects 14th Amendment protection for unborn children. At the Palmetto Freedom Forum on September 5, 2011, Mitt Romney was asked if he would support legislation to guarantee fourteenth amendment protection for unborn children.  His answer was, "That's not something I would precipitate." See video below:


Romney & Obama

Mitt Funds Abortion: Romney line-item vetoed his "health care reform" eight times 91  showing that he micromanaged Commonwealth Care. Romney vetoed an extension of "dental services" 92  yet not only did he do nothing to stop the extension and expansion of taxpayer-funded abortion on demand, he actually authorized it. As George W. Bush assistant Mary Matalin stated on Deace in the Morning on Des Moines's WHO 1040 AM, “In Mitt Romney's health care plan that he is applauding you can get an abortion for $50.” 93  94  RomneyCare states that, "Implementation begins… immediately with the expansion of MassHealth eligibility" and within six months of his signature, while he was still in office and without any fight from him to the contrary, Commonwealth Care was providing abortion "benefits" 95  by Romney's authority. To this day, his program forces citizens to pay abortionists to kill children. Meanwhile, Romney dismissed American RTL's 2008 primary TV ads in early contest states like Iowa and South Carolina, telling ABC News, "My record in being pro-life is very clear as the governor of Massachusetts" [Jake Tapper, That Anti-Romney Iowa TV ad]. However, the ARTL logo, of an eagle protecting a baby, tops New York Times story of Romney's impending primary loss after spending "$35 million of his [own] money." The NY Times caption under the ARTL logo reads, "Abortion opponents and Romney supporters exchanged words." For as Deroy Murdock at National Review Online quoted Massachusetts Pro-Life Federation president Jerry Zandstra: "The law exists under Romney’s signature, and the end result is state-funded abortions…  In this key fight over taxpayer funded abortions, he caved." 96  At least Barack Obama had the decency to lie to the public during the health care debate, unlike Mitt Romney who just ignored the issue, claiming that ObamaCare would not pay for abortion (nor for health care for illegal aliens for that matter, when in reality, it will even pay for illegal aliens to have abortions). 97  98  Like Obama, rhetoric aside, Romney favors government health care reform that pays for abortion.


Romney ARTL protest

Additional Devastating Documentation on Romney: See also the other meticulously documented resources, endorsed by scores of pro-family leaders, including Amy Contrada's meticulously documented book, Mitt Romney's Deception, and Steve Baldwin's

"If you're not willing to lose an election, you're willing to lose your nation." -Selah

We Are So Similar: Many ministry leaders whom Christians want to respect apparently did no research but simply repeated the campaign rhetoric of the life-long pro-abortion Mitt Romney that he governed as a pro-lifer. After a widely-reported effort to correct the record, 99  still, pro-family leaders continued to endorse Romney as did Dr. James Dobson who described Romney as a "pro-family candidate" whom he "could support". 100 And this grainy YouTube copy of a copy shows Focus on the Family Vice President Tom Minnery trying to convince Christians to support Romney by claiming that the two, Focus and Romney, are so similar:

    With the popularity of this resource,, American RTL has predicted that Romney now has lost the public support of all the largest Christian groups. Any "conservative" leader who endorses Romney, who has surpassed even Barack Obama by actually implementing same-sex marriage and tax-funded abortion on demand, demonstrates a willingness to dishonor God, mislead Christians, undermine the country, and betray the innocent, evidently for some supposed personal gain.



    Summary: Of Mitt's perpetual candidacy, the evidence is indisputable: Romney supports killing unborn children, and he believes that Christians are gullible, so he tells blatant lies expecting to get their votes. But Mitt, this is no longer our grandmother's pro-life movement. We're on to you and we urge you to repent before God. (Please protect Christian voters from being deceived by emailing them the top summary bullet above and a link to this profile.)