Carly Fiorina

Tier 4


Carly Fiorina

Candidate for President

Tier 4 - Personhood Never

Although Carly Fiorina is making very strong statements against America's largest abortion chain, Planned Parenthood, following the Center for Medical Progress undercover videos, she unfortunately, supports legislation that allows for the murder of some children - those conceived in rape or incest.

  • Children younger than 20 weeks old do not have an inalienable right to life: While claiming to want to overturn Roe v Wade, 1 MS Fiorina supports the immoral Pain-Capable legislation which allows children up to 20 weeks to be killed by the abortion industry and which will undoubtedly encourage women to kill their babies before the arbitrary 20 week cut off. 2
  • Supports Federal funding for embryonic stem cell research: During a debate with Democrat Barbara Boxer, Fiorina endorsed federal funding for research using human embryos that would have otherwise been discarded. 3
  • No pro-life litmus test for Supreme Court nominees: Although Democrats always have a pro-choice litmus test on the subject of abortion, Fiorina said abortion rights would not be her litmus test for approving a Supreme Court nominee. “I do not believe where a potential judicial nominee stands on that issue is a qualifier or an unqualifier.” 4
  • Would have voted for the nomination of pro-abortion Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor: While speaking at an event in 2010 that was sponsored by American Spectator magazine, Fiorina said she "probably would have voted for" Justice Sonia Sotomayor's nomination to the Supreme Court. Sotomayor has said she considers abortion rights to be an issue settled by the court." 5
  • Considers abortion to be a settled issue: "Many, many voters are going to conclude while that is a very important issue, it is frankly a decided issue. The law is clear in the state of California, where there is a constitutional guarantee to the right to an abortion. So why are we talking about a theoretical issue?" 5
  • Wants abortifacients to be available without a prescription: Because oral contraception lists one action as preventing implantation, The Pill is an abortifacient and according to Breast Surgeon, Dr. Angela Lan Franchi, it is a 'Molotov Cocktail' for breast cancer. Making this dangerous drug available over the counter, is reckless and negligent to women's health concerns. 6
  • Any child whose father is a criminal does not have a right to life: On January 23, 2015, Fiorina expressed support for a so-called "pro-life" bill that contained anti-personhood exceptions for cases of rape and incest. She stated, "I am on board with that bill..." 7


Carly Fiorina has made some of the strongest statements against the evil perpetrated by Planned Parenthood but sadly, doesn't speak out for the God-given right to life of every human being made in God's image.