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Tier 4 - Personhood Never

Having endorsed for president the politician who had recently funded abortion on demand, including late-term child killing, unless she publicly recommits herself to the innocent, Ann Coulter cannot be trusted.

  • Coulter: Babies of Criminals Can Die for All I Care: "The overwhelming majority of people — including me — are going to say the law shouldn't force someone who has been raped to carry the child. On the other hand, abortion should be illegal in most other cases." 1  "No law is ever going to require a woman to bear the child of her rapist. Yes, it's every bit as much a life as an unborn child that is not the product of rape. But sentient human beings are capable of drawing gradations along a line." Of course they are. And God drew the line when He commanded, Do not punish the child for the crime of the father, and, Do not kill the innocent. Moral relativism is as old as the first murder. With this tragic Nov. 7, 2012 column in Human Events, Ann Coulter moved herself from Tier 3: Personhood Later, to Tier 4: Personhood Never. Ann cannot be trusted.
  • Ann Coulter Endorses Pro-abortion Republican for President: Coulter endorsed 2  for president Mitt Romney, the politician who has done more 3  than Bill Clinton or Barack Obama to fund abortion on demand, including even late-term child killing. Ann needs to apologize and take a principled stand against the systematic killing of children, regardless of whether those children are killed by favored Republicans. Otherwise, Ann Coulter cannot be trusted.
  • Waiting for Coulter's Correction: Number of days with no apology since she endorsed Romney falsely claiming that he governed as a pro-lifer: 5282
  • Ann Coulter Opposes Same Pro-abortion Republican: Just one year before endorsing Romney, who gave blanket funding for abortion, in her 2007 book Godless Ann Coulter knew enough to condemn presidential candidate John Kerry for endorsing taxpayer-funded abortions. By giving favored Republicans a pass for doing the same wicked thing a liberal does, Ann Coulter is a major force for making the Republican Party look increasingly like the Democratic Party.


Ann Coulter - Godless
  • Coulter Can't Take Conservative Questioning: [Update: The Fox News Channel ran advertisements to promote Ann Coulter coming on their network to respond to the criticism in this ARTL video. Sadly, Ann's mother was ill. So Coulter understandably had to cancel that appearance. In the years since however, she has never answered these criticisms.] Ann Coulter is adept at taking on left-wing challenges. But when four conservative talk show hosts from around the nation separately confronted Ann, the best she could do was cut and run, repeatedly. After all, how does a conservative defend endorsing a liberal candidate who implemented homosexual marriage, ordered pro-life hospitals to dispense the abortion pill, appointed liberal judges, put Planned Parenthood on a state heath board, ordered adoption agencies to place children with homosexuals, instituted Obama-like Romneycare, and authorized tax funding for surgical abortion on demand? This is a must-see YouTube video, The Ann Coulter Hang-Ups:
  • Ann's Answer: To the question, "Why did liberals vote for Romney?" Coulter answered, "He tricked them." But Mitt:

    - single-handedly instituted homosexual marriage in Massachusetts, and

    - appointed a pro-abortion Democrat judge, and

    - put a permanent Planned Parenthood seat on a state health board, and

    - instituted Romneycare which is awfully similar to Obamacare, and

    - had recently authorized tax funding for even late-term surgical abortion on demand.

    So rather than her answer that he tricked liberals into supporting him, the truth is, "No Ann, Romney tricked you." Liberals voted for Mitt because he implemented homosexual marriage, appointed liberal judges, put Planned Parenthood on a state heath board, instituted Obama-like Romneycare, and authorized tax funding for surgical abortion on demand. See the must-read Pro-life Profile of Mitt Romney, the man whom Coulter described to the best-selling conservative author Gregg Jackson as on her "dream ticket4  for president.
  • Exceptions Perfectly Acceptable to Ann: Coulter admitted, "Bush's position of favoring exceptions for rape and incest seems perfectly acceptable to me as a political compromise." 5  Ann Coulter claims to be personally pro-life without exception. However, she overlooks that the politicians whom she endorses hold "exceptions" that add up to millions of dead children. Coulter positively portrays politicians even when, by those politicians' own policies, they have approved of killing millions of children, boys and girls who were made in God's image and likeness (Genesis 1:26). King David unjustly killed "only" one person, and it turned out that single person mattered a lot to God. Ann doesn't seem to care about her own accountability before God, nor does she care enough about these politicians to warn them, as the New Testament says that, "It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God" (Hebrews 10:31). Intentionally killing "only" one child is an eternally horrific crime. Politicians whom Coulter defends, like John McCain and George W. Bush, exemplify "pro-life with exceptions." The Exceptions Calculator disproves Coulter's implication that Bush's exceptions account for "only" a "couple hundred of abortions per year" 6  these politicians would stop almost all abortions, for the number of children that just these two have actually approved of killing is staggering:

"Pro-life" with Exceptions Casualty Count (not including children killed by laws and court opinions opposed by these "exceptions" politicians)
John McCain Compromised presidential candidate who supported killing 15,469,147 children while in the Senate by his own policies and approval
George W. Bush Compromised politician who supported killing 3,340,600 children while President by his own policies and approval

Summary: Coulter favors compromising with evil for the sake of political expediency. Coulter has no problem killing an innocent baby because his father is a criminal. Pro-lifers should never agree to put an innocent unborn person to death to save anyone's life. God does not authorize anyone to bargain with innocent life. Like Coulter, most people love the rapist and kill the baby. To the contrary, we should love the baby and execute the rapist. By compromising with evil, Coulter encourages the Republican party to continue to provide candidates who will kill innocent babies. As long as Christians continue to compromise Biblical principles, there will be no incentive for either party to provide "principled" candidates. The parties will only listen to pro-lifers when pro-lifers refuse to compromise Biblical principles and refuse to vote for whoever the party supplies just because the candidate is the lesser of two evils. St. Paul tells us to not do evil that good may come of it (Romans 3:8).