Tier 4: Personhood Never

Tier 4 leaders and organizations fundamentally deny the personhood and God-given right to life of the unborn by advocating a permanent "legalization" of the intentional killing of some preborn children. This clear description of their position demonstrates that these leaders are pro-choice with varied exceptions. Such a "leader" is pro-choice, for example, for the woman who decides to kill her child conceived in rape.

The fourth tier includes Sarah Palin, George W. Bush, John McCain and those below who use the pro-life title but deny the personhood and God-given right to life of the unborn. Decades of regulating abortion using laws that end with and then you can kill the baby (informed consent, waiting periods, PBA ban, etc.) by pro-family organizations and governing officials have unavoidably undermined personhood and have moved leaders downward from the third to the fourth tier. Meanwhile the personhood movement pulls people upward to the first tier to reject both the regulation of murder and the so-called "exceptions," and to instead advocate now for personhood. God didn't care about all the fruit Eve did not bite from; nor did He list all the women David did not violate; nor focus on the children Herod did not kill. God looks at the exceptions.

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Having endorsed for president the politician who had recently funded abortion on demand, including late-term child killing, unless she publicly recommits herself to the innocent, Ann Coulter cannot be trusted.
Former SCOTUS Justice
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Contrary to popular belief, Antonin Scalia is not pro-life. He believes that the unborn child does not have a right to life, and, whereas our rights come from God, he claims that such a right would have to come from the majority. He also says that he would strike down a law that was the opposite of Roe v. Wade and that, by his judicial philosophy, if he had been a judge in Germany, he would have been prosecuted in Nuremberg.
Former First Lady (R)
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In her interviews, it seems Barbara Bush would rather ignore the issue of abortion altogether but will offer up a quick opinion when asked directly about abortion. To her, abortion is not a priority. Her number one issue is literacy.
Pres. Candidate
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Contrary to popular belief, U.S. Presidential candidate Ben Carson is not pro-life and rejects the unborn child's right to life. Carson therefore makes himself an enemy of the unborn child.
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Billy Graham teaches that Christians should support the intentional killing of some children, thus he rejects the God-given right to life of every person from conception.
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Although Carly Fiorina is making very strong statements against America's largest abortion chain, Planned Parenthood, following the Center for Medical Progress undercover videos, she unfortunately, supports legislation that allows for the murder of some children - those conceived in rape or incest.

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Many Democrat and Republican voters erroneously believe that Republican candidates who claim to be pro-life are actually against abortion. Do not be deceived about Donald Trump.
Former President of the U.S. (R)
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President George W. Bush did not introduce, lobby for, nor sign any law that acknowledged the right to life and so could stop the killing of even a single child. Instead he had an enormous pro-abortion influence, e.g., giving Planned Parenthood hundreds of millions of dollars more than did even Bill Clinton.
Former Governor
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In spite of claiming to believe life begins at conception, Jeb Bush has governed the state of Florida as if he were pro-choice.
U.S. Senator (R-Arizona)
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John McCain does not believe children in the womb have an inalienable right to life.
U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice
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Contrary to popular belief, U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts is not pro-life and rejects the unborn child's right to life. Roberts therefore makes himself an enemy of the unborn child.
U.S. Senator
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Although Rubio publicly states he will support legislation that would enforce the Personhood of the unborn, he also supports legislation that allows for the murder of some of those children - the so-called "hard cases."

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Mitt Romney gives pro-family speeches to conservatives but has an actual record of being aggressively pro-abortion both before and especially after his claimed "pro-life" conversion.
The Latter-Day Saints
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The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, a.k.a., Mormons, places the value of some preborn children below the value of others by supporting exceptions for rape, incest, and life of the mother.
CBN TV Network
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Pat Robertson currently rejects the God-given right to life of every unborn person and he has yet to retract his horrendous defense of China's forced abortion.
Warning Voters
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Many Democratic and Republican voters think that Republican candidates are automatically pro-life. This is false. Do not be deceived.
Former Texas U.S. Rep.
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Ron Paul wants to be pro-life but is officially pro-choice state by state, and so contradicts himself and wrongly assumes that states' rights supersede human rights, concluding that a state like California has the right to permit abortion. But the right to life is God-given so there can be no 'right' to decriminalize child killing.

U.S. Supreme Court Justice
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A brief catalog of Samuel Alito's abortion-related rulings as a federal judge, with links to the full-text of his actual opinions, shows, contrary to the claim of prominent pro-life leaders, that Justice Alito repeatedly sides with the pro-abortion industry, not only ruling as one would expect from a typical "pro-choice" judge, but issuing opinions as expected from an abortion extremist.
Former Alaska Governor (R)
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As a candidate whom many pro-lifers want to support, her actual abortion record and rhetoric is shocking to the conscience.
(and Gary Johnson 2016)
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The Libertarian Party seeks to satisfy all sides on abortion yet ends up fully advocating the right to one until birth heading into the 2012 elections.
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