Tier 3: Personhood Later

Tier 3 leaders and organizations are waiting to advocate for personhood until our immoral and godless courts and governing officials approve of such advocacy. Those on this tier, including for example the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform's Greg Cunningham, do not oppose all anti-abortion violence.

Actually Undermine Personhood Efforts: The third tier includes those in the pro-life industry who actually oppose and undermine personhood efforts and advocate only regulating murder with laws that end with the meaning, and then you can kill the baby. Those listed below, including National Right To Life, Americans United for Life, and Focus on the Family, oppose advocating now for the God-given right to life and personhood. Such groups have thereby actually relinquished the leadership in the fight to protect the lives of unborn children.

Leaders Wanted: Waiting for and following the wicked does not represent leadership. The U.S. Supreme Court has never, to this very day, repented of their Dred Scott decision which denied full legal protection to most blacks in America. Back then, William Wilberforce, heroic British abolitionist, after wasting years regulating the slave trade, switched to fighting for abolition and Wilberforce advised American activists to not regulate but to fight for abolition. Consider the judgment of God, and even of history, and imagine the shame of Christians during slavery who for various pragmatic excuses opposed those fighting for legal protection of all blacks. If the Underground Railroad and other Christians adopted an anti-slavery strategy of waiting until the wicked Supreme Court was ready to reverse itself, slavery regulators and slaveholders might still be campaigning against each other.

Anti-abortion Violence: All third-tier leaders researched by Profile Profiles oppose some anti-abortion violence including the vigilante killing of abortionists. However, each person and group on Tier 3, including for example Gregg Cunningham and his Center for Bio-Ethical Reform, supports those who commit some anti-abortion violence (in order to save others). In the name of eventually ending the abortion holocaust, all third-tier leaders defend politicians who intentionally kill some innocent people. This is support for a significant level of abortion violence, and of course, much greater violence than that advocated by those who unjustly kill abortionists. Those who murder abortionists, and those who defend "pro-life" politicians who authorize the killing of innocent children, both share a similar justification: tolerance and support of a certain level of anti-abortion violence will lead to a sooner victory.

Concerned Women for America
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Concerned Women for America promotes politicians who actively support the killing of millions of unborn children and CWA undermines the nationwide personhood movement which fights for the government to uphold the child's God-given right to life.
Founded by Dr. James Dobson
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Focus on the Family with their founder James Dobson attempt to protect the innocent, yet they delay the country's acknowledgment of the God-given right to life of the unborn by undermining personhood efforts and by supporting laws which, like Roe v. Wade itself, regulate how and when an abortionist can "legally" kill a child.

Wanda Franz & Carol Tobias
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National RTL Committee has turned against the pro-life movement by its defense of politicians who ignore abortion when nominating judges, by its staunch opposition to all efforts to enforce the unborn child's right to life, and by repeatedly opposing actual pro-life candidates, even in primaries, while it supports child killing regulations and many flat-out pro-abortion politicians.

Americans United for Life
Clarke Forsythe
Gregg Cunningham
The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform
Jay Sekulow
American Center for Law and Justice
Steven Ertelt
Phyllis Schlafly
Eagle Forum
Rick Warren
Saddleback Church