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Donald Trump

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Tier 4 - Personhood Never

Many Democrat and Republican voters erroneously believe that Republican candidates who claim to be pro-life are actually against abortion. Do not be deceived about Donald Trump.

  • "I Am For the Exceptions" (i.e., For Killing Some Babies): On April 21, 2016 Donald Trump supported changing the Republican party platform to permit the intentional killing of some innocent children. Also, in 2015 on CNN’s New Day program Trump publicly denied the Personhood of the unborn by confessing he believes in exceptions for rape, incest and (what should be a moot issue) the life of the mother. "I am for the exceptions. You have the three exceptions. I'm for the exceptions.”1 Every human being including Trump has an obligation before God to pull people upward to reject both the regulation of murder and the so-called "exceptions" and to instead advocate now for the personhood and God-given right to life of every child. (National Right To Life, Focus on the Family, and United States Conference of Catholic Bishops treat men like Donald Trump cruelly by not warning every politician who advocates the killing of some innocent children that one day they will answer to God for that violation of His enduring command, Do not kill the innocent.) Remember also that God didn't care about all the fruit Eve did not eat; nor did He mention all the women David did not violate; nor list the children whom Herod did not kill. God expects us to look at the exceptions.

  • Praises His Sister, A Pro-Partial-Birth-Abortion Federal Judge: Ronald Reagan appointed Trump's sister, Maryanne Trump Barry, as a federal trial court judge (as he did also with other pro-abortion attorneys including Sandra Day O'Conner, who had previously co-sponsored a bill to decriminalize abortion in Arizona). In his book, "The America We Deserve", Trump strongly criticized a Republican Senator for challenging his sister on abortion. Later, as a federal judge, Maryanne Trump Barry joined pro-abortion Antonin Scalia in striking down New Jersey's ban on partial birth abortion. Writing the opinion, Barry described the PBA ban as "unconstitutionally vague" and absurdly claimed that it "unduly burdened a woman's constitutional right to obtain an abortion". Regardless of his sister's outrageously wicked support for dismembering unborn children and even for stabbing them in the back of the head and sucking out their brains, Trump has praised her as a judge and entertained the idea of her being a Supreme Court justice. During an August 2015 interview, regarding the possibility of his (aggressively pro-abortion) sister being nominated to the U.S. Supreme Court, Donald Trump said, "I think she'd be phenomenal. I think she'd be one of the best."
  • Wants to Fund Planned Parenthood at Least for their "Good" Work: Though Trump had jumped on the defund Planned Parenthood bandwagon, on August 11, 2015, during CNN’s New Day program he commented positively about continued taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood. “I would look at the good aspects of it and I would also look because I’m sure they do some things properly and good, good for women, and I would look at that.”2 As a businessman Donald Trump knows that money is fungible and that funds provided for any of Planned Parenthood's “services” frees up other funds to be used to promote and subsidize child killing.

  • Trump Minimizes the Scope of Planned Parenthood's Child Killing: In an interview with Sean Hannity, he shows he has fallen for the Planned Parenthood lie that only 3% of their “services” are abortion related stating, “let’s say there’s two Planned Parenthoods, in a way. You have it as an abortion clinic. Now, that’s actually a fairly small part of what they do, but it’s a brutal part, and I’m totally against it, and I wouldn’t do that.”3 The truth is that between 50%4 to 93.78%5 of their pregnancy “services” are abortion related. Trump has fallen for the Planned Parenthood lie that it provides services to poor women that they can't get elsewhere. But a study by the Alliance Defending Freedom and the Charlotte Lozier Institute found that nationally, there are 20 comprehensive women's health care clinics for every Planned Parenthood.6 If Planned Parenthood were defunded, the money could instead be sent to those legitimate women's health care providers that don't kill children.

  • Planned Parenthood Manages to Complement Trump: Even though usually Newsweek cannot be trusted, it is worth noting that they have reported that Donald Trump is Planned Parenthood’s favorite GOP candidate. In response to the CNN interview with Trump (cited above), Planned Parenthood spokesman, Eric Ferrero stated, “Donald Trump seems to have realized that banning all abortions, shutting down the government, and defunding Planned Parenthood are extreme positions that are way too far outside the mainstream for even him to take. We hope that the rest of the GOP field will wake up and reconsider their extreme and unpopular positions on defunding preventive care, abortion bans, and the other economic issues that women and their families care about.”7

  • If Caught Early Enough, Trump May Support Killing Any ChildAn "exception" is a child killed and so "exceptions" are a window to a politician's soul. If a politician will intentionally kill one child, he will agree to carnage. So in spite of claiming he has three exceptions, he has four. The fourth exception is every other child not covered in his first three exceptions. He has awkwardly cited the first three as "incest, rape, and that life of the mother thing." Then, in a January 2015 Bloomberg interview Trump again cited his three exceptions, and then when the reporter asked whether abortion should be banned if none of those three exceptions exists, Trump answered, "It depends when" during the pregnancy the abortion takes place.8 Trump then quickly remembered his political position and added that he is pro-life, with "the three caveats."

  • Selected Child-Killing Regulator Mike Pence: See for the documentation demonstrating from the legislation that abortion regulator Mike Pence supports laws that actually fund abortion and that regulate the intentional killing of innocent children. (Dr. Dobson admitted about the PBA legislation, "Ending partial-birth abortion... does not save a single human life." So please click on our Pence profile link to see that the governor learned nothing from history, for the best-known Pence "pro-life" law also will "not save a single human life.") So, as expected, abortion regulators like Focus on the Family founder James Dobson and National Right To Life support Pence. Yet conversely and unexpectedly to most pro-lifers, such leaders only oppose personhood legislation and they only oppose politicians who advocate upholding the "right to life" of the the unborn child. (This is typical of most abortion regulators.) For, of all ironies, National "Right To Life" opposes all legislation that actually seeks to enforce the "right to life" of the unborn child.

  • The Ultimate Proof that Donald Trump is Pro-Abortion: Jesus, when offered a choice between A and B, would choose C. Even recognizing that Hillary Clinton is evil, if one judged that Trump in comparison was "lukewarm", remember that Jesus Christ pointed out that lukewarm is even worse than evil. (It's more dangerous, more blasphemous, more insidious.) So support neither when offered a choice between two people who would kill Jews, Blacks, babies, or even crucify again Jesus Christ. "For whatever you do to the least of these you do unto Me." Again, support neither. Expose both. Focus on the Family's founder James Dobson, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, and National Right To Life have spent decades misleading their supporters into believing that the only way to save the nation is to convince millions of pro-lifers to only support politicians, like Trump, who are willing to kill some children. And how has that been working out for them? America is sinking into the cesspool of moral relativism. What then is the opportunity cost? Only God will be able to put a price on that. For the opportunity cost is whatever our nation could have been if for decades those leaders would have taught millions of us to obey God's Word and never, ever support a politician willing to intentionally kill an innocent child. Never. And finally, consider that the ultimate proof that Donald Trump is pro-abortion is that Ann Coulter claims that he is pro-life.

The old-guard pro-establishment pro-life industry, including those listed on our Tier 3 such as National RTL, Concerned Women for America, and Focus on the Family, have been distressed that millions of Christians, including pro-lifers, have been supporting the anti-family, virtual democrat populist Donald Trump. However, moral relativism cannot be controlled. These groups and many other ostensibly Christian leaders have spent decades urging Christians to look past the children whom their favorite politician will kill, and to vote for the most "electable" Republican. Now, those millions have been trained. So who else, besides those millions, bears the guilt of all that moral relativism within the ranks of pro-life churchgoers? James Dobson? Yes. James Dobson. Foster Friess? Yes. Foster Friess. Jay Sekulow? Yes. Jay Sekulow. The Rev. Frank Pavone? Yes. Frank Pavone. In support of their moral relativism, many pro-life voters want to be lied to. They want to support someone who they think has a chance of winning. But there is no bottom to that abyss. This process is quickly eroding whatever moral foundation that once existed not only in the Republican Party, but also in the Body of Christ and among our ordained ministers. Today, "pro-life" and "conservative" Republicans defend blatantly godless and immoral politicians who they would have seen as destroyers of America just a few short years ago. Predictably, if the only standard is beating the other guy, then eventually, you turn into the other guy. Don't let yourself be a part of this destruction of America (and even of the Republican Party). Stand for God's principles, and then you will not be part of the downfall of a nation, but you will be more than a conqueror. And together, we will win.