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Jeb Bush

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Tier 4 - Personhood Never

In spite of claiming to believe life begins at conception, Jeb Bush has governed the state of Florida as if he were pro-choice.

  • As a Republican Governor Whom Pro-lifers Elected: Jeb Bush did much to undermine innocent human life. As documented just below:

    - Jeb Bush says he won't lead the charge to overturn the constitution on abortion, exposing both his heart and his confusion

    - Until he started running for president, Bush sat on the board of a foundation that gave tens of millions of dollars to Planned Parenthood

    - While governor, as estimated by our exceptions calculator below, 196,544 Florida kids were killed not against his wishes but with Jeb’s actual approval

    - As chairman of a civics group, Bush recently praised and honored one of the world's most determined enemies of the child, Hillary Clinton  

    - He defends the killing of a child for the crime of her father

    - He supports laws that end with "and then you can kill the baby" even though they further entrench and improve the image of the abortion industry

    - He signed a child-killing regulation permitting businesses to kill children as long as they abide by modern health clinic standards

    - He signed a Roe-like law, based on misinformation about pain, which regulates the age at which a child can be killed

    - He consented to abortion as long as the babies were killed by some method other than partial birth abortion

    - He consented to parents killing their unborn children as long as they first waited for a couple days

    - He refused requests to use state lawmen to save Terri Schiavo’s life

    - He signed a child-killing regulation permitting minors to kill their unborn babies if they first notify the parents

    - Pro-choice Republican donors are currently financing Jeb Bush’s run for the presidency

The sources below document the above summary.

  • Immediately after claiming to believe that a child's life begins at conception, Jeb Bush stated that he is not going to lead the fight to make sure these kids have constitutional protection: "I do not believe that the question of abortion will be solved until there is a broad consensus on the subject and until that time it is inappropriate to be advocating constitutional amendments." He went on to say, "I will not be leading the charge to overturn the constitution on this issue." 1
  • Continuing the Bush family legacy of helping to fund Planned Parenthood, in 2010, Jeb was named one of the founding directors of the Bloomberg Family Foundation, a tax-exempt organization promoting the goals of billionaire and former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Reported by LifeSiteNews, "Until the eve of his presidential campaign, Jeb Bush was director of a philanthropy that gave tens of millions of dollars to Planned Parenthood and financed its advocacy of 'unrestricted access to abortion' around the world. The charity also approved money to global abortion providers while he sat on its board." His brother, former president George W. Bush, claimed to be against tax funding of abortion yet the Bush administration increased funding to Planned Parenthood by nearly a billion tax dollars over and above what Bill Clinton had been able to give them, and this was true even though for four years Bush and the Republicans had a historic monopoly on power with the trifecta of Republican control over the executive branch, and the legislative branch, and the U.S. Supreme Court. And G. W. Bush gave Planned Parenthood all that money even though it is fungible, and even though in a typical year 98% of Planned Parenthood's pregnancy "services" consist of abortion. Likewise, Jeb's father, as a Republican congressman, George H.W. Bush initiated Title X funding, amounting to many millions of dollars per year, to Planned Parenthood. And recall that even the Roe v. Wade opinion itself was a Republican ruling, written by Republican Justice Harry Blackmun and passed by the Republican court with a Republican majority.
  • Our interactive Exceptions Calculator below estimates that during Bush's term 196,544 children were killed, not against his wishes but with the actual approval of this Republican governor. Similarly, Roe v. Wade was written by a Republican justice and passed by a Republican majority. So as documented in this profile, like so many Republican presidents and candidates, by extrapolating Jeb Bush's policies nationwide, we see that as president, tragically, he would support killing millions of children.

  • While Hillary Clinton lives almost solely to kill unborn children and she embodies the war on women, children, marriage, family, the church, and the nation (not to mention the constitution), Jeb Bush honored Hillary in 2013. As the chairman of the board of the National Constitution Center, Bush released this statement: "Former Secretary Clinton has dedicated her life to serving and engaging people across the world in democracy [whatever that even means. These efforts as a citizen, an activist, and a leader have earned Secretary Clinton this year’s Liberty Medal." The Bush family is close to the Clinton family, and both families are enemies of the innocent.

  • Jeb Bush signed a bill that can only backfire (as do all abortion regulations) which creates standards for clinics and even, tragically, authorizes the regulation of the killing procedure itself, all of which would make the abortion industry appear more mainstream and acceptable. Bush initially admitted that this law had nothing to do with his (alleged) pro-life beliefs, but remembering his political ambition and the base he needs to placate, he later claimed his motivation was "to create a culture of life in our state". 2 Not surprisingly, the founder of the National Abortion Federation, "pro-choice" activist Frances Kissling, wrote in the Washington Post that the "abortion rights movement" must itself advocate for regulations, including clinic regulations. Why? Kissling wants to ensure the long-term survival of the abortion industry and therefore argues that, "If we don't suggest sensible... regulation of abortion, we will be left with... no choices at all." By improving the quality of care in child killing centers, abortion regulations have backfired and actually help sustain the abortion industry. See this fully documented at
  • Jeb signed a Roe-like Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act which consents to killing babies younger than 20 weeks and even then makes "exceptions" for rape and incest after 20 weeks. 3  Just like Roe v. Wade, pain capable bills regulate the age at which a child can be killed. This shows them to be unconstitutional but, far more significantly, it shows them to be violations of God's enduring command, Do not kill the innocent. By the law of unintended consequences, though well-intentioned, so-called "pain-capable" legislation can actually increase the number of unborn children killed. First, as explained at, legislation that makes abortion appear to be less inhumane improves the image of the abortion industry and can backfire and keep child killing legal for years or even decades longer than otherwise. And Secondly, a "pain-capable" law can increase the use of mechanical abortifacient IUDs and chemical abortifacients like RU-486 (mifepristone) and the routine use of the Morning After Pill. Lastly and so tragically, such legislation can wrongly communicate to millions of women that their babies may not feel pain if killed in the first five months of pregnancy.
  • Believes abortion is acceptable if an abortionist delivers a late-term baby all the way up to the navel before killing him. This is what the decision to ban the partial-birth abortion procedure allowed for which Jeb Bush supported. 4
  • In 1998 Jeb Bush filled out the Votesmart test - a guide providing voters a quick-view summary of candidate’s positions on various issues. Bush checked off that he believes parents can kill their unborn children as long as there is a waiting period. 5
  • The above Votesmart test also asked if abortions should be legal when pregnancy resulted from rape or incest. This is the equivalent of asking if it should be legal to kill the child if her father is a criminal. Bush answered in the affirmative. 5
  • Jeb Bush signed The Parental Notification Act of 2005 which dehumanized unborn children. The act declares that all an abortionist has to do to legally kill the baby of a pregnant teenager under the age of 17 is to notify her parents at least 48 hours in advance of the abortion. 6
  • In 2005, the state of Florida sought court approval to take custody of Terri Schiavo, a brain-damaged woman who had her feeding tubes removed. Pro-choicers believed that Governor Jeb Bush would use state lawmen to remove her from the hospital so doctors could reinsert her feeding tubes. Bush had the authority to do just that. But Florida Circuit Judge George Greer told Bush, “I don’t want this thing turning into a donnybrook.”  Bush, fearing man more than God, abided by Judge Greer’s decision. 7
  • Pro-choicers have no problem donating to Jeb Bush’s campaign. In February of 2015, a fundraiser for Jeb Bush’s presidential candidacy was held in Chicago. The hosts included John Canning who donated to Barack Obama in 2007 because he believed the Republican party to be too far to the right against embryonic stem-cell research. Another host was abortion rights advocate, Ron Gidwitz who was a 2006 gubernatorial candidate. Philanthropist Deborah Carstens, who describes herself as pro-choice, donated $5,000 to Mr. Bush’s campaign. 8

Not Counting Those He Would Save: Not counting the children aborted under laws and court opinions that Jeb Bush disagrees with, but only counting those whom he affirmatively fights for the right to kill intentionally, and those whom he says he will make no effort to protect by law, the total number of actual young boys and girls in America whom Governor Jeb Bush supported killing during his time in office is… [See the Exceptions Calculator tabulation.]

  • States' Rights Check Box Grayed Out: If during the campaign, Jeb Bush adopts the horrific states' rights cop out popularized by immoral libertarian Ron Paul, the Pro-life Profiles researchers will enable the states' rights check box above. Adopting that "policy" horrifically increases the number of children killed with the support of such advocates, as with John McCain, by millions of children dismembered.


As immoral as it is for Jeb Bush to support the killing of unborn children, that immorality is horrifically compounded by his belief that life begins at conception.