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National Right To Life

Carol Tobias

Tier 3. Personhood Later

National RTL Committee has turned against the fight to protect unborn children by its defense of politicians who ignore abortion when nominating judges, by its staunch opposition to all efforts to enforce the unborn child's right to life, and by repeatedly opposing actual pro-life candidates, even in primaries, while it supports child killing regulations and many flat-out pro-abortion politicians.

$10,000 to name a single pro-life Justice


Everyone who believes in the God-given right to life of the unborn should be concerned: that National RTL eagerly supports politicians who have supported the killing of millions of innocent children; that National RTL does not care enough about conservative officials to warn them not to support the killing of the children they call "exceptions"; that National Right To Life's primary abortion strategy is to support immoral child killing regulations which end with, "and then you can kill the baby"; and that Wanda Franz and National RTL undermine the nationwide personhood movement which is fighting for the government to enforce the unborn child's God-given right to life.