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Mitt Romney

Former Pres. Candidate

Tier 4. Personhood Never

Mitt Romney gives pro-family speeches to conservatives but has an actual record of being aggressively pro-abortion both before and especially after his claimed "pro-life" conversion.

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to support that evil.

If you fear Obama, you'll vote for Romney. If you fear God, you won't.

Obama is the lesser of two evils.

In-san-i-ty: When you support a Republican who has done what you fear Obama might do.

Obama is Romney-lite.

Romney at Planned Parenthood fundraiser in Cohasset, Mass.
At a Planned Parenthood fundraiser in Cohasset, Mass

Strategists say that independents decide elections, so the only way for pro-lifers
to get candidates who won't kill kids is to become independent.

Romney is so much like Obama that his Republican supporters are
really just one-issue voters: party affiliation.

Romney has already implemented what Obama and Clinton only dreamed of: homosexual
marriage, tax funded abortion by health care reform with the individual mandate,
robbing religious freedom by forcing pro-life hospitals to administer abortion pills, etc.

Romney is turning conservatives into Democrats because they would have
seen him as far more liberal even than candidate Bill Clinton.

"A vote for Romney is a vote for Obama." -Selah

If you fear Obama, you'll vote for Romney. If you fear God, you won't.

Summary: Of Mitt's perpetual candidacy, the evidence is indisputable: Romney supports killing unborn children, and he believes that Christians are gullible, so he tells blatant lies expecting to get their votes. But Mitt, this is no longer our grandmother's pro-life movement. We're on to you and we urge you to repent before God. (Please protect Christian voters from being deceived by emailing them the top summary bullet above and a link to this profile.)