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Mike Pence

U.S. Vice President

Tier 3. Personhood Later

If you care about Mike Pence, you will urge him to stop betraying the Lord and of the innocent.
Pence flip-flopped on "religious liberties" signing a bill to let homosexuals sue Christians.
National politicians "against" funding abortion always authorize record funding.
Pence's "pro-life" Indiana law does not save even a single child.

Title X, Section 1009U.S. Rep. Mike Pence
   (b) does not apply with respect to an abortion where --
      (1) the pregnancy is the result of an act of rape, or...
      (2) physical condition...
   (c) does not apply with respect to a hospital...

Note: See American RTL exposing the traitorous Exceptions for Rape and Exceptions for Life that Planned Parenthood used to start the abortion holocaust itself, and which the pro-life industry and National RTL have adopted as their own, which effectively prohibit any ultimate victory.

Mike Pence needs to learn that no Christian should ever submit to the criminal who says we'll spare those children if you let us shoot this child. Likewise, no Christian should ever defend his H.R. 217 abortion funding bill.

Not only is Rep. Pence unwilling to take on hospitals that kill children, and not only is he unwilling to fight for those children he finds indefensible (some of whose fathers, for example, are rapists), but he sinks much further than that by explicitly allowing for Planned Parenthood abortion clinics to take tax dollars to dismember the children he finds unlovable or unworthy of a fight to protect. Pragmatism is what works, and "pro-life" politicians have failed for 30 years. Making "exceptions" declares the unborn child a non-person. If Pence and his fellow "pro-life" politicians cannot perceive the political climate in 2011 as the time to stand against the actual funding with tax dollars of the killing of every child, they not only fail as statesmen but they also lack political savvy.

[This report on Mike Pence is preliminary and needs to be updated for 2018. To recommend information to include, please use our contact form. Please also forward any information you may have about Pence' position on personhood bills. A Republican politician who only supports efforts to regulate child killing but never supports laws introduced to recognize the child as a person with a right to life are not unlike a politician in Germany would have been if he had supported efforts to minimize the Holocaust but never quite got around to publicly declaring support for recognizing the personhood and rights of all human beings.]