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Billy Graham


Tier 4. Personhood Never

Billy Graham teaches that Christians should support the intentional killing of some children, thus he rejects the God-given right to life of every person from conception.

Billy Graham supports the killing of children...


But if the pregnancy is a threat to the mother's life, you don't kill the baby, you deliver the baby.4 And of course, an "exception" is a euphemism for a child intentionally killed.

Billy Graham supports the killing of children...




When Christians love one another they don't allow each other to fall into sin and continue in that sin. Unfortunately, the Billy Graham evangelistic association and many Christian ministries have abandoned that principle. Billy Graham never rebukes leaders that compromise on Thou shall not murder and they never rebuke him. Rather than encouraging each other to godliness, they look the other way, sadly treating the Body of Christ like a "good-ole boys club."