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Samuel Alito

U.S. Supreme Court Justice

Tier 4. Personhood Never

A brief catalog of Samuel Alito's abortion-related rulings as a federal judge, with links to the full-text of his actual opinions, shows, contrary to the claim of prominent pro-life leaders, that Justice Alito repeatedly sides with the pro-abortion industry, not only ruling as one would expect from a typical "pro-choice" judge, but issuing opinions as expected from an abortion extremist.

Alito's record shows that he rejects the truth that an unborn child has a right to life. Tragically, many Christian leaders present him to the faithful as a principled and pro-life justice. Focus on the Family's DVD series, The Truth Project, warns Christians about moral relativism in law, which is called legal positivism. Christians who fail to heed that warning defend the rulings of Samuel Alito, even those which directly lead to the killing of the innocent, as justifiable because Alito was "following the process." But no "process" defense could be valid neither at Nuremberg nor anywhere that judges rule to permit the intentional killing of the innocent, whether blacks, Jews, or children.