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Focus on the Family

Founded by Dr. James Dobson

Tier 3. Personhood Later

Focus on the Family with their founder James Dobson attempt to protect the innocent, yet they delay the country's acknowledgment of the God-given right to life of the unborn by undermining personhood efforts and by supporting laws which, like Roe v. Wade itself, regulate how and when an abortionist can "legally" kill a child.


Yet another pro-life giant in terms of popularity cannot quite seem to grasp the reality that unborn children are no different from children after they are born. Neither Dr. Dobson nor Focus on the Family, obviously, would condone the killing of a child who is a product of rape or incest after the child is born, but they have supported state laws that would do exactly that to a child before he's born. Nor would either condone "less shocking" ways of killing children that have been born yet both praised a Supreme Court ruling making that recommendation. No wonder the pro-life movement in America has been spinning its wheels all these years when such high profile pro-lifers such as Dr. Dobson are willing to compromise on God's enduring command "Thou shalt not murder."